Hello! I’m Maria Leung, personal assistant to Mr Lim. I have been coordinating Mr Lim’s schedule, meetings and appointments since 2009. We work closely together to attend to all aspects of your clinic and hospital care. Whilst juggling a multitude of different flight schedules, time zones, meeting venues and appointments, my main clinical administration role is to coordinate patient appointments and your care. On patient section of this website you may find helpful information about your consultation and admission. 

NHS clinic appointments

If you would like to see Mr Lim as an NHS patient, you need to be eligible for NHS treatment and organise for a referral letter from your physician. Your images or scans will need to be transferred across to us at the Royal Brompton Hospital. Once your images and scan are received, we will place you on the clinic waiting list. Please understand because of the waiting list pressure, referrals for second opinions are prioritised below that of patients who have not yet had the opportunity to consult with a thoracic surgeon.

Private patient clinic appointments

If you would like to see Mr Lim as a private patient, you do not need a referral letter, simply contact me to organise an appointment date and time.

How to contact me

I can be contacted through the details on the contact page, so please don’t hesitate to let me know how I can help.

I look forward to hearing from you!