Day before the operation (D-1)

Your admission for surgery usually begins the day before your operation when you will be required to come in before noon where your details and admission with be checked by the admitting doctors and nurses. During this time, we may undertake additional investigations before your operation. I usually will come to see you personally on the pre-operative ward round, go through the planned operation and answer any lingering questions that you may have. 

If you are having a day-case procedure or if you have attended a pre-assessment clinic, you will be admitted at 7am on the day of surgery. In which case, please do not have anything to eat from midnight and you can drink water (only) until 6am of the morning of surgery.

Day of surgery (D0)

On the day of surgery, you can drink water up to 2 hours before your scheduled operation time. When we call you to the theatre, an anaesthetist will meet you and drift you off to sleep. We will perform your operation and before you know it you will be awake in the recovery area. We aim for you to be pain free right from this minute and so if you are in discomfort, please let the attending nurse know. You may have a line in your neck, a chest drain from the operation, a line in your wrist and a line in your bladder. This is for us to monitor your vital signs, but don’t worry, all the lines are usually removed the morning after surgery.

You will usually spend a few hours in the recovery area and then moved to the high dependency unit for a day before going back to the ward.

Day after surgery (D1)

Today, usually most of the lines and tubes are removed and you are free to mobilise and recover from your surgery. We will take a chest-x-ray after your drains are removed and if all is well, we will make plans for your discharge the next day.

Discharge day (D2)

Today, we ensure that you are confident, pain free and well enough to go home. It usually takes a little time to get your medications from pharmacy so you should plan to leave hospital late afternoon.