Your NHS consultation usually begins as a referral from your specialist physician or GP, once received we process the information and send out your appointment letter. I also pencil in an operation date for you in the first available slot, and before we have met, I have already reserved you a slot if you decide to proceed to surgery.

Patients who are privately insured usually require a referral letter and permission (pre-authorisation code) from their insurance companies, patients from referred from an Embassy will require a letter of guarantee (from the responsible Embassy) and self-funding private patients are able to make an appointment directly.

If time permits, you will be sent an invitation letter and a health questionnaire that allows you to complete the necessary information that I will need so the time we have can be focused more on discussion rather than gathering the necessary background information (e.g. drugs and dosages that you are on).

The NHS clinics can be full and the people in attendance are usually Maria my Personal Assistant (to attend to any administrative / admission requirements you may have), a clinical nurse specialist (who is there to support you), a research nurse (to be able to help inform you on any opportunities to participate in the research that we do), visiting doctors and medical students (because of our international reputation). However if you are not comfortable the presence of visiting doctors and students please let Maria my Personal Assistant know, and we will ensure that they are not in attendance for your consultation. This will not in any way affect your consultation with me or your clinical care.

During the consultation, I will ascertain the necessary information, undertake a medical examination and then I will summarise your current condition and we will discuss the management options. I always welcome any questions that you have! After we have decided on the best management, I will issue you with the necessary consent forms (if you have decided on surgery and if you agree to participate research that we offer), inform you of your planned operation date (where applicable) and send you a copy of the clinic letter, so you have a chance to read the information summarised for you before signing your consent.