The Cancer Consortia of the Royal Brompton Hospital is led by Mr Eric Lim with a research focus on blood based biomarkers for cancer diagnosis and personalised medicine.

Our aim is to detect cancer (in the blood) before it visible to the naked eye on scans and certainly well before it causes any symptoms at a much earlier stage as the best chance to treat the disease.

Other benefits would be to minimise the time, cost and complications associated with conventional biopsy diagnosis, to facilitate early cancer detection especially in patients who do not smoke, to help direct personalised treatment and ultimately to improve patients length and quality of life for patients with cancer.

The Cancer Consortia has been supported by generous philanthropic donations to allow us to perform novel research (that would not otherwise be possible through conventional grant awards) leading to the development of blood DNA based cancer diagnostic tests.

The results of our ground breaking research have been presented at the around the world British Thoracic Oncology Group Meeting, American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting the European Society of Medical Oncology Annual Meeting and the World Conference of Lung Cancer.

Our research and development efforts would not have been possible without the generous donations received, and hope that you will support us in our fund raising efforts on behalf of the patients in whom we hope our research will make a meaningful difference to their lives.

If you are considering supporting our research you can click on the donate link that will direct you to the official Royal Brompton Hospital Charities webpage. 


Your donation allows us to develop new methods to detect cancer sooner. We continue to seek innovative solution to improve lives with cancer.

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